Princess and the General 公主,上将军 by Yiren Gui 伊人归

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Book Introduction

The Immortals Valley’s little medicine fairy Yu Fu, who descended the mountain at twelve years old, encountered an Eastern Ling soldier seeking for medicine outside the mountain gate. Due to various reasons, she got taken back to an army camp to treat the poisoned Eastern Ling’s Great General Marquis.

Little Yu Fu said with a pitiful look, “It’s correct that my master is the god of medicine, but I’m a little poison fairy, not a little medicine fairy…..”

The crowd of soldiers fell into endless chaos, beating their chest and stomping their feet, with no strategy left to try.

Yu Fu bit into the apple and said with puffed cheeks, “However, if the person is about to die, there’s no harm in letting me practice my poison skills.”

Throwing the apple aside, with a flash of her poison needle, curing poison with poison, she saved the Great General Marquis’s life.

The Great General Marquis woke up, and in order to thank her for saving his life, had her taken back to his manor.

Who would’ve guess that the Great General Marquis had six sons with extraordinary appearances, completely different personalities, and exceptionally good marital art skills.

Especially the heir who was the eldest, possessing a beautiful face, and a dignified bearing, making Yu Fu unable to walk.

“This child is this marquis’s savior, in the future, she’ll be your younger sister.”

Yu Fu frantically shook her head, “No no no, I don’t want to be a younger sister!”

Don’t joke, if she became their younger sister, how could she still admire the heir’s beautiful face as much as she liked then?


Many years later, she don the imperial gown, the long dress dragging on the floor, standing in a high and unbearably cold place—–

Conferring him as the Top General.

Under the palace eaves after the rain, she cuddled in his embrace, yet he asked, “Why Top General?”

“Eastern Ling honored the previous Han system, with Great General as the head of all military officials. The current dynasty instead honors the Spring-Autumn period’s ancient system, with Top General as the head of all military officials.”

“In that case, this subject is also your Majesty’s husband, how should this one be addressed?”

She suddenly smiled and rubbed against his arm.

“Regardless of how others call you, you are forever my big brother….”

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