I am this type of woman 我就是这般的女子 by 月下蝶影 Yue Xia Die Ying

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Book Introduction

T/N: This is a very rough translation of the intro in Chinese.

Stupid but fortunate father,  strong willed protective (of her family own family only) mother, playful(wastrel) hooligan brother.

Have three engagements broken off already but still not worried.

Pretty clothes, gold beams (referring to their house?)

Have money, have power, who needs a husband?

This is a story between a woman that’s had her engagement broken off three times with a hypocrite man. This is a lighthearted, over the top and sweet novel.


  • Ban Hua (班婳), FL. Known as a good for nothing woman who’s very beautiful but vain, stupid and violent. But in reality, she’s actually quite smart and just doesn’t like to care about what other people think of her. She learnt martial arts and war play from her grandfather (previous general) and has an easy going attitude.
  • Rong Xia (容瑕), ML, handsome and well known scholar. His mother was part of the previous royal family. He has deep schemes and plans to rule but he had never used his schemes with FL. He fell in love pretty early on and remained dedicated to FL throughout the novel.
  • Ban Huai (班淮), FL’s father. Jingting Hou – his mother is the aunt of the current emperor.
  • Ban Heng (班恒), FL’s younger brother.
  • Yin Shi (阴氏), FL’s mother.
  • 1st Fiance, engaged when they when she was three years old but died when he was young from measles.
  • Xie Qilin (谢启临) 2nd Fiance, ran off with his “true love” because he wanted to prove he was more than a man who needs to depend on his future wife. He later realises that the way he reacted to Ban Hua was actually the reaction of boy in love. Regrets his decision. Hurt his eye when he fell off a horse while trying to deliver a book that the FL gifted to him to Shi Fei Xian.
  • Rong Sheng (容昇), FL & ML’s son. Crown Prince.
  • Shi Jin (石晋), Brother of Shi Fei Xian. Has been secretly in love in FL for a long time. Gave her up and went to join the army when he heard she was engaged to Xie Qilin only to find out that the engagement broke off. Never confessed because he had to protect his family.
  • Shi Fei Xian (石飞仙), Is jealous of FL, loves ML.
  • Chen Yu (沈钰), 3rd Fiance. From a small town somewhat higher ranked family. Begged for Ban Hua’s hand but once he got a good ranking in the scholar examinations, he quickly broke off the engagement.
  • Yan Zhen (严甄), FL’s admirer. Fell in love with her during a gathering. Wanted to ask for FL’s hand but was rejected.
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