Generational Marriage 世婚 by Yi Qian Zhong 意千重

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Book Introduction (From Novel Updates)

One cannot ask for love in a generational arranged marriage; one can only hope for harmony between the two families.

She was reborn like the withered spring flowers.

They are the same events, but it is now an entirely different life. She knows the process, but she cannot guess the outcome.

She was reborn, not just for revenge.

She was reborn, not just to give herself another chance.

She was reborn, so that she could prevent tragedy and allow many others to receive much, much more happiness.


Male Lead: Only hope for one person’s heart, til gray do we part.

Female Lead: Ah, these words sound nice. But hubby, you’re going to let me manage all of our land and money, right?


  • Lin Jin Rong (林谨容) – FL – 4th girl in the family
  • Lu Jian (陆缄) – ML
  • Lin Jin Yin (林谨音) – FL’s older sister – 3rd girl in the family
  • Lin Shen Zhi (林慎之)– FL’s younger brother – 7th boy in the family
  • Tao Feng Tang (陶凤棠) – Lin Jin Yin’s husband
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